Ornamental Iron & Aluminum

One of a Kind Designs:
Railings, Fences, Spiral Staircases & Gates

We Offer So Much More than Fencing! S&W Fence Inc.’s custom designs and fabricates interior and exterior ornamental iron and aluminum railings, fences, spiral staircases and gates.

As you browse through the photos on these pages, you’ll see just how versatile ornamental iron can be. We hope you’ll be inspired to envision and design your own ornamental iron or aluminum railing, fence, staircase or gate.

Add Style, Charm and Security

Ornamental iron and aluminum contribute to the beauty and personality of your residence or business. Whether you choose to add elegance while increasing privacy and security or interior railings that express your unique style, S&W Fence Inc. will provide the quality and creativity you desire.

Superior Finishing Ensures Durability

Sandblasting Is Critical to a Perfect Finish

Once your custom product is completed, we sandblast it right here at S&W Fence. Sandblasting removes the oily tarnish and blends in every cut, weld and grind mark to ensure a picture perfect finish. This is vital because surface cleanliness dramatically impacts the ability of the paint to bond effectively.

Our 2 Step Process Offers Excellent Protection
for Ornamental Iron & Aluminum

After the iron or aluminum is sandblasted, our profession painter applies a high solids, two-component urethane primer formulated for excellent adhesion, chip resistance and gloss hold out.

Next, the paint color chosen by the customer is applied. Our Multi-Thane 340 paint provides superior performance in demanding environments such as those found in the Midwest. Its outstanding color and gloss retention will maintain the appearance of your product for years to come.

Together the primer system and paint process act as a shield against the elements and offer great abrasion resistance and tenacious adhesion.

Restoring Your Existing Iron Pieces

If your existing ornamental iron rails, fences or furniture don’t look as elegant as they once did, we can help. S&W Fence can refurbish your priceless relics and restore them to their original beauty. Contact us for a free estimate.